Tuesday, February 26, 2013

오하니's Passed Away

Maybe, this post's belongs to someone who i think he's like 조 at the first time i saw him. Yeah, i think i can be 오하니 who has a lot of patients when facing 조. 오하니 who can be patient if 조 ignored her with his suck face, said to her with his harshing word, and can be more patient to love him consistently. I think I can, but after a long time passed... i gave up. He's a nasty guy, eventough he impress me with his nice impression, but he still a nasty.
오하니's passed away, i can't be her. I can't make a lot of patient while i face my 조. The more I contact him, the more i hurt. If the first time i think that it would be a happy ending, but i can't survive. 
To be honestly, when i remember you, i was laugh. I laughed when i know that i'm really foolish. Yes, everybody know that오하니's a foolish girl, especially when she face out her 조. Because, nobody like you, 조. You're totally different with another. I can't find you on another person. You're the most cool boy, i think (ehm :P). Maybe, that's the reason why i can't moving on my heart to another boy.
I almost forget, how much i say "good bye" to you nowadays? I forget to count it. It was a foolish things, right? When i want to leave you, but the true i was thinking about you. Thinking how are you there.
오하니's passed away. I will be my self as good as i can, no more 오하니 on mine. It's a good decission, right, 조? :')


laila-ella said...

ngihihih hahahaha, no doubt, you fall in love with someone.. am I right? if wrong, let say I say, its a break of love.

FHEA said...

huaaaa... it's one of my mistakes that i've love with him -__-