Coming back to here, to posting my (amateur) drawing about Maleficent—a witch woman who became an enemy of Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). The movie has been released on 2014 but I'm just watching nowadays. Since I love the character (both Maleficent and Aurora), so I drew them. Here we go…. 
"I had wings once. They were strong. But they were stolen from me." -Maleficent

"Aurora, there's an evil in this world, hatred and betrayal. And i cannot keep you from it." -Maleficent

"Why i cursed that she can only wake up with a kiss of a true love? Because there's no true love in this world." -Maleficent

So, how's the results, peeps? Kindly to answer your shootout at the comment box (and I will confirm later). I'm still learning how to play the colour, especially at the faces—that's why I love to drawing a girl than a boy just because their faces, hairs, have much colours to apply. =)) See you on the next DramArt!


Hallo, long time no see!
Now, I’m going to post… eww, let’s say it’s a new hobby: digital drawing! I’m using Medibang—which is an application for Android smartphone. It quite easy, simple, and addictive! :D Because you draw only using your finger! Hoho. Here I’m gonna share you a few the result of mine (Well, since I love Korean Drama, I had some characters that I liked the most! So, I drew them…, including the line of their dialogue. :D)
PS: Pardon me if the result not as good as the original. Peace! :D

"You felt nothing? You never liked me even for a moment? Your heart never fluttered because of me? You never worried about me? You never liked me for a second for who i am, instead of someone like her?
You never drew your future with me?" -Cheon Song Yi, My Love From The Star.

"Don't make me leave. If you make me leave, you'll cry your whole life." -Chae Young Shin, Healer.

"If you'll end up unhappy because of me, just live happily by yourself. I mean it." -Yoon Myeong Ju, Descendants of The Sun.

I don’t know why I drew them with their eyes looking into left side. It’s just accidentally! =)) But well, after several times I used Medibang, and now I’m trying to draw their close up expression (before this, I drew some faces of my friend. And yes, just their heads, faces, until necks), I love the result. Expecially when I drew Cheon Song Yi! Perhaps it’s just because the character and the drama plot was similar with me. Maybe, next I will draw their other expression since I adore her much! =)) or, her boyfie, or another boy that I ever like in another drama. Just stay tune on this blog with a new label: DramArt. I will share you more what I drew—If I had much time and much good mood. =))