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My name is Eva, one of the fairies who came to earth from a kingdom, which placed out of earth named Iris. A kingdom which had a big war on recent years, and made bad effects to their fairies. Our kingdom destroyed and the fairies couldn’t make their relationship harmoniously. We lived individually and we also forgot about love. Until this case made our king should have a consideration to get solution, to make our kingdom better than before. So it was the reason, why I should came here and change my self into a human like earth’s citizen.
I have to disagree when king commanded us to descend to earth. Accorded on his mind, earth is one of the planets in solar system, which had the lovable citizens who lived peacefully. We should learn to them. That’s why king change us became a human who spread on earth. He also made us some rules and we must remember it correctly. One of them; the fairies couldn’t love with another fairy. We should find our love with the real earth’s human. I thought it’s ridiculous. How can I recognized  that human was also fairy or not? meanwhile, I also hard to recognize myself since I change into a human.
But, that things removed by my mind since I met Rafael, a earth’s boy with his handsome face and left me a nice impression. I get used with him, until I didn’t realize that I remembered his habbits. One of them, he likes to sat down on one of the swings, in the garden of a corner city. The garden that will be my last place in this earth, and change me into a statue with another fairies -who I didn’t know them- like what king’s said before. A lovable garden for me, because this garden left me some sweet memories since I fall in love with him.
“Eva, I wanna tell something to you…” said Rafael, near from my last day in earth. I knew from king’s code to me, which said that I just have a several days again to stay in this earth.
“What is that?”
Rafael groped his pocket, “Alya gave me this present when I met her. She said, it’s a sign of our friendship.” Rafael gave a little box to me.
I grumbled. Ah, can he never mentions Alya in our conversation? Can he looks at me just once? I wanna collide about king’s rules to never show our real identity to other. I wanna show it to Rafael, so he could approve my love. But I can’t. I still kept that secret hardly, while in another case I showed my feel to him.
“Raf, I have to confess something to you. It’s my first time, so I can accept whatever your answer…”
And then, I tell to him what on my feel exactly. Rafael listened to me well. Like what I said before, whatever his respond to me, I’ll accept it as my consequence.
I am Rafael and I’ve known that Eva would say that words to me. I regret, ‘cause I have to gave a negative answer to the Iris’ prettiest fairy. Where I known that? The simpliest answer is; we’re the same. We’re came from our similliar kingdom and forbidden to love each other. I should felt enough when I placed in the same place and being close with her like this. A new case for us, because we never met before since Iris had a big war.
“Forgive me, Eva. I’ve loved Alya. Yes, she is the person that I want.” I answered. Then I bowed my head, so Eva can’t found my lie. Eva just has to know that I loved Alya, a girl who loves read some books and has a close relationship with me nowadays. A big lie for me, because I never accept Alya more than my close friend. And I know, I can say that only behind her to save her conscience.
I saw Eva bowed her head looks like she wanna hid her tears. Then she nodded, “I understand, thanks for the answer.”
Once more, I just told sorry to her. By king’s command that we have to obey, I should did it, so king wouldn’t punish me with his severe punishment. I wished, when we return to our kingdom, we wouldn’t meet again like this and share our love to each other. I expected it so.
And my name is Alya, a girl who Rafael said that he loved me in front of Eva. Too painfull for me when I heard that, because I knew that’s a lie. I loved Rafael since too much moments that we’ve passed. Altough I buried it, since I knew that Rafael often mentioned Eva as our conersation’s topic when we’re together, I also knew that they had a same identity, the fairy from Iris!
Many reference that I’d read about it before. A kingdom which named from Greek, was unstrangered to me. Yeah, just a little person known about the Iris’ problem. All of fairies can’t recognized their selves what the difference between them and the real human. And just a few person can saw the difference of them clearly. So, I should be gratefully ‘cause I’ve found it.
One day, when I was beside Rafael at the library. I’ve suprised when I saw him appeared-dissapeared on one time. I scared, was it the time that he should go? My tears were fall when I saw him became a shadow. I remembered about this information, it was one of sign that they would back to their kingdom. They form changed into a statue and stood up in the garden which never visited by the rainbow, and Rafael loved it most.
“I love you, Rafael..” said Eva several days ago which can’t be removable. A simple word that hurt me, because I also should did that to him. And hoped him beside me, not by her.
But, here I am. In this garden, two couple statues stood up accompanied the swings. My eyes looked at them. Under this heavy rain, I took shelter with my umbrella and hidden my tears commemorated Rafael. I missed him…
Then the rain fall drizzly carried a nice scenery made me frighten. The two white statue dominated by the colours of the rainbow. Very beautifull! I thought that was unbelievable, but it’s true! I smiled, felt proud ‘cause I could see that scenery. A written fact about it that I’ve read it before, that the rainbow came to them because they found their love with fellow fairies.
It’s a little sign that showed to me now. Eva and Rafael got happiness, they found their love. And maybe one by one of fairies also like that. Implied me that I should have my prosperity by found my love, started with forget them and make a new memories.
*dimuat di majalah Story edisi 44, Mei 2013

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