Sunday, May 5, 2013


Hi... times brought me in to my 19 yo. So, how are you? If that question back to me, my answer still the same as before. I feel the same to you. You're still like i knew, rite?
Well, maybe you have to know that i wait your present, (and i knew it's not your presence exactly). I'm going to pass the morning, afternoon, and the last, you came and make some greets to me. You know? you seems different since i knew you. And i hope it will be forever. I'm foolish, rite? but i still expect that much.
I remembered what you said to me. I remembered that exactly. You gave me some jokes, and i feel that you warmer to me. It nice. And my smile stay for longer time.
One of my friends said that i would make a promise, when we were be able to be together. Such as, i can make a new long story like a novel, and i tell anything about you there. Oh, i mesmerized, i thought, in every my story that i've wrote, i always make you there. Of course, you be one of my person that i love.
Nobody know about his destiny, and i'm indeed. But, nobody can't stop people for dreaming and try to make his dream true. Same as you, we never know, who will accompany us in our future. And it's not a mistake if we try to keep our pray, rite? ^^
However, my english's bad, you know? hehehe
Come back here, so I can look at you, as long as I want. Danke Schoen :)
*Ah ya, did u know? i'm not understand, why i always listen to this song if i'm longing for you :)

"I Think I love You그런가봐요
Cause I Miss You그대만없으면
아무것도못하고 자꾸생각나고 이런걸보면 아무래도
I’m Falling For You 난몰랐지만
Now I Need You 어느샌가
내맘깊은곳에 아주 크게 자리잡은 그대의 모습을 이젠 보아요"


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