Sunday, May 4, 2014


Welcome to twenty! The two heads-aged, I said. :p
Thanks to Allah, for still give me breath until now. I could open my eyes to see Your beautiful creation. Alhamdulillah…
I still remember what I talked about this two heads-aged. Several years ago, I’ve thought about getting married for this age. What? Have I surprised you? Hohoho. Really, until now, I still have thought just like that. Be a young bridal, standing after her prince. Sounds like a child mind, right? Because until now I’m just imaging that without any wholehearted efforts anymore. The bridal’s prince still unchoosen. But the princess has fallin’ love with waiting someone… ehm. :p
Talking about prince… I’ll say thank you soooo much for someone. Danke schön, gomawo, and anything about thank you greetings to him. My wishes granted for you not coming even just say congratulation to me. Heuheu. I don’t know if you’ll come. Maybe, I think my heart has brought by thunderbolt. Circling, turning, and confusing –exactly. I ever talked that I will forget, leave and erase you, but more than times, I betray on my promise. Yes, I’m liar. For many long times, your name still written on my heart and I don’t know how to erase. Pffttt…
And now, thank you for not coming. My prays granted for couldn’t see you on my special day. It’s mean, my promise has been working. Wish me luck. Because, several years ago, I still blushing if you congratulate me and gave me beautiful wishes.  I’m also don’t know why my heartbeat working so faaaassst on that day. But now, I’m no longer want walking under your shadow –eventough you never ask me for do that. I will walk on different ways. No longer turning head to see you, back to looking for you, find your warm soul around your cold heart.
Yes, we are could be happy. Be delight for our lives. And  the one that should I do is… find another one. Hahaha
I ever stalk to a girl’s instagram leisury. I found on several photos, you have been there. Smile besides that girl, and I know well that you never do that before. I read on your eyes that you happy with her. And… ehm, your body gotta fatter. Hohoho. Is it because you feel so endure there? Anyway, Congratulation to you! Xoxo.
I don’t know how many times I tell my love story here by English. I think, my language still broken. Sooo, everyone who read this, I apologize if so many mistakes here. I just do this for release my soul, and on of that by telling about him. Hihi.
At last, good luck to me and also to you. I wish someday we can reunited again with our different happy ending love story.
See you,

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Nizwa Ayuni said...

Happy Milad yaaa fhe..
selamat birthday!!
Wish you the best chingu! :D