Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Hallo, long time no see!
Now, I’m going to post… eww, let’s say it’s a new hobby: digital drawing! I’m using Medibang—which is an application for Android smartphone. It quite easy, simple, and addictive! :D Because you draw only using your finger! Hoho. Here I’m gonna share you a few the result of mine (Well, since I love Korean Drama, I had some characters that I liked the most! So, I drew them…, including the line of their dialogue. :D)
PS: Pardon me if the result not as good as the original. Peace! :D

"You felt nothing? You never liked me even for a moment? Your heart never fluttered because of me? You never worried about me? You never liked me for a second for who i am, instead of someone like her?
You never drew your future with me?" -Cheon Song Yi, My Love From The Star.

"Don't make me leave. If you make me leave, you'll cry your whole life." -Chae Young Shin, Healer.

"If you'll end up unhappy because of me, just live happily by yourself. I mean it." -Yoon Myeong Ju, Descendants of The Sun.

I don’t know why I drew them with their eyes looking into left side. It’s just accidentally! =)) But well, after several times I used Medibang, and now I’m trying to draw their close up expression (before this, I drew some faces of my friend. And yes, just their heads, faces, until necks), I love the result. Expecially when I drew Cheon Song Yi! Perhaps it’s just because the character and the drama plot was similar with me. Maybe, next I will draw their other expression since I adore her much! =)) or, her boyfie, or another boy that I ever like in another drama. Just stay tune on this blog with a new label: DramArt. I will share you more what I drew—If I had much time and much good mood. =))


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December Daisy said...

AW.... piahhhhh.... <3<3<3

Kusuka yang Cheon Song Yi... Bagus... Lagi, Fi... Lagi... Tolong yang cowonya... wkwkwkw *malah ketagihan*